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With the best professional instructors and the latest equipment, skydiving is no longer the dare devil sport of yesteryear. Here at Para-Sky, we offer three ways to a great new way of life! (*!*)
Information on the various skydiving options follows:

1. Static Line First Jump
Here your parachute is opened automatically as you exit the aircraft. Ground School + first jump, cost from R950.00

2. Free Fall Skydive - ( accelerated free fall - AFF )
Here you exit the aircraft in a freefall formation with two highly qualified instructors, and a freefall cameraman (optional extra).
Ground School + first AFF skydive, from R1 950.00

3. Tandem Skydive
No training necessary, you are simply attached by a special harness to a qualified tandem master (TM). You enjoy the ride the TM does all the work.
Freefall briefing + tandem skydive, cost from R1250.00, DVD costs from R400.00.

Prices differ from club to club - please call for pricing at the club nearest you.

Facilities vary from club to club and include lecture rooms, accommodation in a bunkhouse, camping facilities, cabins to rent, hot and cold showers, swimming pool, bar, canteen, braai facilities, plenty of secure parking and a weekend you'll never forget !!!

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